2AO Urges Churches to Receive Firearm Training

(Washington, DC) – In the wake of the tragic events of Charleston, South Carolina, 2AO is asking for Americans to rise up and protect our nation’s churches through responsible gun training and ownership. 

2AO has condemned the horrible actions of shooter in Charleston and has called upon its over 160,000 members and 26 state chapters to begin aiding in comprehensive gun training and safety awareness in their church communities in order to protect themselves and their fellow parishioners from the potential of both foreign and domestic terrorist attacks.

“I’m deeply saddened by this loss of life in South Carolina and I pray for all those affected,” said Bryan Crosswhite, President of 2AO, “but this isn’t a time for churches and Americans to give up their guns and hope that nothing will happen.  This is a time to exercise our 2nd Amendment Right to protect ourselves, our families, and our religious communities.”

2AO was developed to support business owners that support the Second Amendment and connect those businesses with like-minded persons throughout the US. 2AO believes that the principles of freedom and liberty will only stand the test of time if the Bill of Rights, including the Second Amendment are protected.